Jerry MelocheThursday, 1/5/17, 12:04 AM

Don's slow talking, like a southern boy, and quiet demeanor might make you think he wasn't up to the fight of police work. But Lieutenant Biddy did just fine. He suffered through some of life's tragedies but remained a good Christian man. Played a pretty good harmonica too.

Rulette ArmateadThursday, 1/5/17, 12:01 AM

Lt.Biddy was a great person. I worked for him in School Task Force. I had a family, was working full time and going to school full time. He allowed me to come to work early so I could leave early and make it to my class. Back in the day, he was one of the few supervisors with a Masters Degree and he understood the value of an education and how it could enhance our service in law enforcement. He had a great sense of humor and will be greatly missed. My condolences to his family. Rest in peace, Lieutenant.

David L. Thompson "Blueeyes"Wednesday, 1/4/17, 8:28 PM

Don and I worked together back in the sixties. He wa was a dear brother in Christ and one of the few wi willing to talk about it at work. We shared many co coffee shop talks during those years. We also worked to together in the field and were brother police of officer. So we were brothers in two ways. He was a gr great partner and had a soft heart. After I left the de department, I lost track of him until a few years ag ago. I am so sorry for his family's loss, and give my my condolences. A further, positive aspect of a fr friendship like ours, is we will see one another ag again when we meet in Heaven. Mary and I will be pr praying for the family in their loss. Love in Him Dave & Mary

Claude GrayWednesday, 1/4/17, 8:13 PM

Don was a great guy to work with. He was a very caring individual, and he had a rare quality that permitted him to connect with people. We can celebrate a life he dedicated to the service to others. God bless his family.

Paul D CappsWednesday, 1/4/17, 5:04 PM

So sorry to hear the passing of Donald. He and I managed the Secondary School Task Force together for two years and I got to know this gentalman well and had so much respect for him. I'm sure that angels have taken him to heaven...RIP Donald 85236

Bill PonCavage SDPD Det Sgt RetWednesday, 1/4/17, 2:29 PM

Don was also a Professional Clown. Spent most of his off duty time going to Hospitals and such entertaining children. He was always a pleasure working around. I was working the night he got shot down on 4th Ave, thought we might loose him that night..... But, GOD had future plans and he continued bringing cheer and smiles info our lives. Rest in peace Don. Bill

Bill MichelWednesday, 1/4/17, 9:56 AM

Don was one of my first training officers and I agree with Skip. He was compassionate and caring......, a good guy who taught many they could do that and still be an excellent cop. RIP Deacon Biddy.

Skip DiCerchioWednesday, 1/4/17, 12:13 AM

Don was a really good guy. He kept a lot of us with our feet on the ground. He made us see the good side and still be good cops. He was right. You don't have to be hard to be a good cop.

Tom Simonds Motor Officer RetiredTuesday, 1/3/17, 10:37 PM

Don was a great man with many talents. I remember several years ago running into Don in Sacramento at the Peace Officers Memorial ceremony. He recognized me and came overe and said hello. I also recall the shooting in front of Caruso's Restaurant. My friend's father helped take the shooter into custody. I'm sorry to hear of Don's death. May God comfort his family.

Bob LampertTuesday, 1/3/17, 10:22 PM

Truly a good guy,survived being shot multiple times,a Decon in his Church,a runner and loved playing a clown for kids...RIP