SDPD 03/28/1945 - PENDING
02/21/1929 - 07/25/2017
Born in Pasadena in 1929, Dale moved to the Ocean Beach neighborhood of San Diego with his parents, Helen and Charles Shoupe, when he was 11.

An early interest in moving parts bloomed in Dale with building and fixing bicycles, motorcycles and later, cars. He attended Dana Jr. High, Pt. Loma High and SD City College.

After a short stint in Korea, Dale reconnected with Maryolive Cobb Campbell, whom he had met in junior high school. They were wed in 1956. Dale not only married Maryolive, but also bought 3 small gold commitment rings for her children, Elaine, Bruce and Susan Campbell. With the panic of an instant family, Dale opened his own foreign car repair business in 1956. Soon, Marina and Lillian were added to their brood. His shop, Quality Foreign', eventually settled on Kurtz Street for over 20 years.

In the late 1980's, Dale's shop moved to Santa Fe Street as Jaguar Specialists'. Dale successfully ran this business until he and Maryolive retired to Rancho las Barracas on the Sea of Cortez coast of Baja California. There, they realized their dream of living on the beach and off the grid. Every dawn, Dale would watch the sun rise while knee deep in water with his dog and fishing pole - often without bait! At the ranch, Dale was the water/well and general fix-it guru and grew a glorious garden. He and Maryolive spent more than 25 years in Baja, returning to San Diego for the hottest summer months.

In 1985, Dale joined Alcoholics Anonymous. It completely changed and deepened his life. He tackled previously undiagnosed dyslexia, embraced a spiritual life and was a beacon of living life One Day at a Time'. While he was ill this summer, his AA family joined his blood family, circling tightly around him, by bringing meetings and lots and lots of love to him at his home.

A great gift Dale left his family are the trees he planted in their new Ocean Beach yard. The avocado, fig, passion fruit and persimmon trees he planted last January are all thriving as a beautiful reminder of his fecund and creative heart.

Surviving Dale are his wife Maryolive, and their children: Bruce Campbell, Susan Campbell, Marina Shoupe, and Lillian Shoupe. His grandchildren are Benjamin Shoupe Norrichs, Abraham Shoupe Hunrichs, and Alexandra Campbell Spalding. His great-grands are Lupin and Linden Norrichs. More family includes Rick Hunrichs, Patrick Spalding, Jim Kelly, Sarah Norrichs, Maddie Elling, Adrian Olsen and Frank Bell. Almost all of these family members celebrated his life on the day of the recent Solar Eclipse in Sisters, Oregon, at the lovely home of Katie & Mel Crabb, life-long friends from Baja.
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