BADGES 112, 713, 749, 786 & 866, ID 1933
SDPD 10/24/1955 - 12/19/1986
10/31/1931 - 10/20/2019
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Richard Lee Sufficool aka Dick, was born on Halloween, October 31st, 1931 at Quintard Hospital on A Street, San Diego, California to George and Edith Sufficool.

He attended Encanto elementary school in San Diego and it was there in the 4th grade he began his life of public service as a Patrol Boy. 

Not long after he moved with his Mother to Bellingham, Washington.

He had a wonderful life growing up in the Northwest – always exploring the great outdoors.   His relatives were either lumberjacks or worked on the Pipeline in Alaska.
Dad graduated from Bellingham High and enlisted in the U.S. Navy where he served in Naval Aviation during the Korean conflict, stationed in Japan.

He returned to San Diego after his military service.  His Uncle Carl Davis and Cousin Carl Davis Jr. were also San Diego Policemen and in 1955 Dick entered the San Diego Police Academy.   His first detail was the “Walking Beat” in Pacific Beach.

He married Susan R. Solomon on December 26th, 1956 and in the summer of his 26th Year, while living in Ocean Beach, he became a father to Twin baby girls. 

He attacked life and had a passion for it.  He loved to fish, water ski, scuba dive, run, play poker, Over-The-Line /OMBAC, shoot pool, motorcycles, camping, golfing and of course the San Diego Police Dept.  

He loved to build things and had many friends.  He hosted many parties in our home in the 60’s/70’s.  As a child I always admired his sense of humor, patience, and compassion.  Except with bad drivers, he had no patience or compassion for horrible drivers.

In other words, he had a wonderful life, was loved by many and I will miss him for the rest of my years.

Sergeant Richard L. Sufficool
October 24, 1955 -December 19, 1985

October 55 to January 56
Police Academy

January 56 to July 56
Walking Beat Pacific Beach

July 56 – August 59
La Jolla Sub Station Patrol

Aug. 59- June 60
Central Patrol

June 60 – May 61
Bunko Squad

May 61 – June 65

June 65 – Nov 67
Burglary Division

November 67 – Feb. 69
Promotion to Sergeant Central Patrol

February 69 – July 71
Vice Squad

July 71 – June 73
Traffic Division

June 73 – Jun 79
Northern Patrol

1974 – 1980
S.W.A.T. Sergeant
Crime Suppression
Gang Detail and Street Crimes

January 80 – December 84
Field Training Officer Coordinator

Dec. 84 – Dec. 86
Academy Coordinator

San DIego Police Officers Association Board of Directors, California Police Olympics
Cop’r Bowl, 10K’s
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