Immediately after Chief Gerald Sanders announced his May 1999 retirement, a nationwide search was launched for his successor.

As candidates were being interviewed by the city manager, someone needed to serve as chief in the event no one had been selected by the time Sanders left office.

Since the news of Sanders retirement was somewhat abrupt, and a new chief still had not been selected when he left on April 16, 1999, Assistant Chief Keith Enerson was chosen as his interim replacement. 

At the time of his appointment Chief Enerson was a 38-year-veteran of the SDPD and had served in the departments number two capacity during Sanders term.
Historical Trivia Tidbit: Keith Enerson was the last member of the SDPD to hold the title of Commander before the rank was abolished by Chief Sanders.  The rank, which was above Captain and represented by a single star on the uniform collar, was eliminated in a streemlining process.  Also gone was the two star rank of "Deputy Chief."  That rank was renamed "Assistant Chief" a term once reserved for a three star rank.  Today, the SDPD's three star rank is "Executive Assistant Chief."
05/16/1999 - 05/27/1999