SDPD 11/23/1962 - 11/14/1967
06/15/1930 - 04/07/2010
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Francis D Wible


San Diego Union-Tribune, The (CA) - Friday, May 28, 2010
August 24, 1920 to May 5, 2010

A POET LOOKS OVER THE HILL Some day I may be weak and slow And cannot conjure up these rhymes; I ask you, then, let comfort flow from memories of better times. Don't look for things I cannot do when once my humble pen is stilled, But ponder triumphs that we knew, Our modest goals that were fulfilled. Some day I may have gotten old, Without my once creative skill; Recall the past and be consoled, Despite that I have crossed the hill. Don't judge me when my effort fails; That hapless state won't be my choice; Go back along some happy trails and find the reasons to rejoice. Some day I may be less alert, with poise and charm eluding me; My wit and wisdom might desert, but that won't change what used to be. If these conditions do appear, and life's machine is reading "tilt," Let's harken back to yesteryear And dwell in castles that we built. When inspiration cease to be And masterpieces flow no more, Be mindful of the best of me; Enjoy my legend and my lore.