SDPD 01/16/1953 - 01/22/1957
08/21/1928 - 05/01/1999
Joseph Medrano was born on August 21, 1928. He died on May 1, 1999 at age 70 due to cancer. He resided in Chula Vista.

Joe was a San Diego Police Officer from 1953-1957.

He later owned Country Club Square Barber Shop in Chula Vista. His shop had on display several photos of him taking action as a police officer including the arrest of a major homicide suspect.

His partner was Loren Joslin (Retired Captain). They were involved in an serious injury traffic accident at Market and Pacific near the Old San Diego Police Headquarters.  Both officers were thrown from their police car.  Neither of them could tell what happened and it was difficult to determine who was driving.  In those days it was the practice for one officer to drive the first half of the shift and the second officer the last half of the shift. 

Joe was seen driving earlier in the shift so since it was in the afternoon it was assumed that Loren was driving.  Joe's injuries were sufficient that he received a disability retirement.
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