As the sun set on the 1960's, America was at a cultural crossroads. Traditional respect for government, the military, law and order and respect for police was taking a beating by a vocal element.  Despite that, NBC cast a spin off from the hit TV show "Dragnet." Entitled "Adam-12," the show cast Kent McCord as Jim Reed, a rookie Los Angeles Police Officer who is partnered with veteran LAPD Officer Peter Malloy protrayed by accomplished actor Martin Milner.

The show's purpose was to portray police officers as everyday men and women, with everyday challenges, protecting their communities. Each episode of the series was based on actual cases, with names changed to protect the innocent, and covered a variety of incidents that the officers encountered during a shift, from the tragic to the trivial. The series' first episode was filmed in September 1967, a year before the pilot was picked up. It was directed by Jack Webb.

Despite the noble intentions, the first season proved to be a ratings disaster. Nevertheless, it was kept on as a public service.

By season two things began to change. The show was rapidly gaining popularity as viewers discovered the Adam-12 set was not a squad room or an office, but the actors "watched the changes in American culture through the windshield of their squad car."

The show ended on May 20, 1975 but by that time a generation of fans were hooked. Even though both actors went onto other vastly different roles than their Adam-12 characters, their protrayals as police officers left an impact. Over the years both actors reported numerous encounters with police officers who told them, "I became a cop because of you."

Over the years both Mr. McCord and Mr. Milner used their celebrity status to champion law enforcement causes and events. Lending their, time, name and even autographed merchandise to help police charities raise money. In 1998, Mr. Milner attended the San Diego Police Historical Associations first annual police badge and insignia collectors show. Signing autographs, posing for pictures and "talking shop" with the attendees, many reported later the veteran actor was the highlight of the event.

Kent McCord also supported police causes. On May 15, 2003, at the headquarters of the Los Angeles Unified School District Police Department, Mr. McCord was sworn in as the first Reserve Officer in its history by Chief of Police, Alan B. Kerstein. His friend, Commander Larry Manion, conducted the Badge Ceremony. His badge number, 2430, was the same badge number he wore during his seven years of portraying Officer Reed on Adam-12.

For their service to the law enforcement community, Kent McCord and Martin Milner were awared the 2004 Jose A. Cota Award for Law Enforcement.