SDPD 12/13/1941 - 04/05/1942 *
01/31/1921 - 01/04/2011
* Clerk Kiyoko Matsumoto was a Japanese American hired 5 days after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Her service to the SDPD ended when she, and her entire family, was sent to Amache, an internment camp, for the duration of WWII.

Jan. 31, 1921 to Jan. 4, 2011

Kiyoko Matsumoto was the oldest daughter of Yuichi and Chiyoko, sister to Toru and Midori.

She was active in church, worked for the San Diego Unified School District, and generous with charities, friends, and family.

Kiyo is survived by her four nephews, their wives, and sister-in-law.

Special thanks to Edna and MaryAnne at SunLife Manor for their special care and to Ruth Vorhees, Ted and Pat Limpic, and Mary Takasaki, beloved friends.

Note: it was Kiyo's explicit request to not have a service and is interred at Mt. Hope in San Diego.
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