One of the most vexing challenges of a historical group is trying to piece together tidbits of information to form a conclusion.  For amateurs it’s easy to go to the local expert and ask a question but who do you go to when you are the expert?

History's Mysteries was set up to perhaps answer questions that have stumped even us.

Take a look and see if you know the answers to some of these puzzles.  Who knows, maybe you can help us solve a mystery.

MYSTERY:  What did Richard Freeman look like?

WHAT WE KNOW: Richard Freeman was a deputy city marshal who served under Agoston Harazsathy from 1850-1851. Despite the landmark achievement of being the first black lawman west of the Mississippi River, there exists little information on this pioneering policeman.  Occassionally the association will be contacted with a photo of a scruffy haired black man with claims that is is Richard Freeman however the photo is one of Freeman's friend and former business associate, Allen Light.
MYSTERY:  What was the meaning of the Traffic Shoulder Patch?
WHAT WE KNOW: The short answer is no one really seems to know.

Based on dated photos, we have determined the patch was worn between 1940-1947 but, since it was not worn by all traffic officers, we cannot figure out what its purpose was. If you know, Vice President Steve Willard would love to hear from you.  

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