Director Mendelsohn is the Vice President of Operations at Professional Medical Supply of El Cajon. Prior to becoming a director, Director Mendelsohn served the SDPHA as a member of the Board of Commissioners. Mr. Mendelsohn became a Director I in 2007 and was promoted to Director II in 2011.

His grandfather, Officer Samuel Mendelsohn served the Atlantic City New Jersey Police Department for thirty years.

While a member of the San Diego Police Historical Association, Director Mendelsohn has been formally awarded the following:

SDPHA Service Medal
Commissioners Service Citation
$50,000 Cumulative Donations Citation
Exceptional Performance Citation
Safe Driving Citation
Jose A. Cota Award for Philanthropy

Director Mendelsohn is also a member of the San Diego Police Historical Association Hall of Fame. 

In addition to being an avid collector of vintage cars, Director Mendelsohn owns a number of antique police vehicles that are used to help support the San Diego Police Historical Association.

Director Mendelsohn also uses his family's business warehouse to store the entire SDPHA fleet at no cost to the association. Despite the average age of an SDPHA vehicle being 55 years old, Director Mendelsohn also uses his personal mechanic to keep the fleet running at no cost to the association. The result has been the SDPHA has never had to cancel a vehicle based event to due a mechanical issue.

For their generosity, in 2008 the entire Mendelsohn family was awarded the SDPHA's philanthropy award at the Legends Behind the Badge gala.  In 2014 Director Mendelsohn was awarded the San Diego Police Department's Citizens Meritorious Service Award for his service to the San Diego Police Department.