BADGES 250, 562, 739, 906, ID 1873,
SDPD 10/30/1964 - 04/13/1965 & 02/01/1967 - 03/31/2002
02/10/1943 - 12/21/2014
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Sigwalt, Ray E. 02/10/1943 ~ 12/21/2014 SAN DIEGO --

Ray E. Sigwalt graduated from SDSU.

Drafted from the ranks of SDPD in 1965, he served his country in Vietnam until returning in 1967.  Ray later recounted how, in 48 hours, he went from the jungles of Southeast Asia to the streets of Southeast San Diego.  The transition was challenging.

He served San Diego County proudly for 34 years as a San Diego Police Officer.  He retired as a Homicide Lieutenant, and was a liason between SDPD and the news media.

He will be genuinely missed by Rose and his extended family, friends and neighbors.

God must need him, to take him so quickly.
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