February 2012. Members of the SDPHA were in Las Vegas for the grand opening of the Mob Museum. We took a little side detour to visit the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, home of the History Channel's hit series "Pawn Stars."  We also paid a visit to Rick's Restoration's, home of another History Channel hit series "American Restoration. In both places we were given the red carpet treatment and met the stars of the shows.
Rick Dale and a possible side profession?
L-R Vice President Steve Willard, President Rick Carlson, Rick Dale
and Director II Mark Mendelsohn
When you don't have the key you can
always shoot it off!
Members of Rick's Restoration's: L-R Javier, Phil,
Kowboy and Brett
Richard "Old Man" Harrison shows his 1928 Dodge to President Rick Carlson and Executive Commissioner
Ed LaValle
Richard "Old Man" Harrison and Executive Commissioner Ed LaValle
Matt Pocklington, Executive Commissioner Ed LaValle, President Rick Carlson, Richard "Old Man" Harrison, Vice President Steve Willard and Director II Mark Mendelsohn
To learn more about Pawn Stars and American Restoration, click the logo to visit the History Channel