SERVED 2000 - 2022
Norman (Skip) Sperber, DDS became a practicing dentist in San Diego, California after leaving the US Navy in 1956 where he served as a dental officer.

Dr. Sperber was the chief forensic dentist for San Diego and Imperial counties and is likely the most well-known and respected Forensic Dentist in the country.

Dr. Sperber also served as the chief forensic dentist for the California Department of Justice and played a major role in the development of California's unique dental identification system (Missing/Unidentified Person Unit - MUPS - Assembly Bill 81) which links John and Jane Does with missing persons.

Dr. Sperber served law enforcement agencies in San Diego and Imperial counties, as well as other California counties, for over 60 years.

During his long, distinguished career, Dr. Sperber testified to forensic evidence in more than 215 trials and has examined evidence in the Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer cases. He also spent time at ground zero, helping identify the victims of the 911 terrorist attacks where his expert assistance helped identify 1500 of the 3000 plus victims.