ID 2141
SDPD 03/28/1975 - 02/23/1987
08/1941 - 02/17/2022
Stephan E. Plough died on February 17, 2022 at 5:14am MST of complications from COVID-19.
Steve served in the U. S. Navy before joining the San Diego Police Department.  He graduated from the 85th San Diego Police Academy in 1975.  He worked in patrol in various areas of the city, for a time patrolling in a police ambulance in Pacific and Mission Beaches.. 

On May 13, 1979, Steve responded to a report of an active shooter who had fired several rounds inside Mission Bay Hospital.  Once inside he located the mentally unstable man who was then in a hospital room armed with a pistol and declaring he would kill the first armed police officer he saw.  As the only officer on scene, Steve evaluated the situation and with a quick glimpse into the room, saw the highly agitated assailant seated with the pistol resting on a table beside him.  He was concerned the man might again pick up the weapon and rush out of the room into the occupied hospital ward.  To prevent that, he removed his gun belt, placed his service revolver in his belt in the small of his back and, appearing to be unarmed and without regard for his own safety, entered the room with hands raised, effectively blocking the doorway.  Through a lengthy but calm face-to-face negotiation, he was able to convince the man to relinquish his weapon, bringing the incident to a close without injury to any of those involved.  For his quick thinking, assertive action and bravery which averted any loss of life, Steve was awarded the Medal of Valor.

Steve served as an officer with the SDPD until 1987.  He later worked as a security agent for the Golden Nugget in Laughlin, NV before retiring.
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