ID 2750
SDPD 07/23/1979 - 04/16/1992
11/26/1952 - 05/07/2010
Steve's death left: a wife, Judy; a daughter, Katherine and a son-in-law, Phil. Steve was a very strong devoted Christian man, who loved the Lord and his family.

Through his death, Katherine has written a paper that explains how emotions that are not dealt with can affect our lives. This is the link to that paper: she wishes that his death not be in vain and hopes that someone may be changed by the paper.

After the police department, he went on to work for SAIC for 12 years, during the economic down turn it was time to move on.  When he passed away he had been working for the San Diego County Superior Court in the IT department, he had been with them for over three years.

My Dad lamented over not being a police officer after his injury.  He did not ever recover from the loss of the job that he loved.  His emotions in regards to this loss, caused his weight gain and multiple health issues.

Ultimately, his heart and the complete calcification of it, took his life on May 7th, 2010.