He learned at a young age, that in order to be a successful student athlete, he had to remain in the best physical condition/health possible.

Commissioner Gregory’s message is this can only be achieved through hard work, discipline, and respect for yourself. He truly believes that there is a lack of understanding within our youngest generations regarding health education and that the rise of childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic. Commissioner Gregory foresees this is the perfect platform to mentor America’s youth by relating to their difficulties, helping them make attainable goals, and stressing the importance of caring about a healthy future.

Commissioner Gregory has made it a priority to work with teachers, administrators, and coaches to help set up programs in the classroom and after school. His work will lay the groundwork for positive habits that will change the lives of all children involved, and lead them to becoming successful adults. All those in the program will be held accountable for the goals that they set for themselves and parental guidance will be mandatory.

Rewards for the students will be based upon the activities participated in, successful changes to their lifestyles, and fitness achievements reached.

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Once an undrafted rookie, Commissioner Steve Gregory retired from the National Football League after nine seasons.  In his NFL career, Commissioner Gregory played for the San Diego Chargers, the New England Patriots and the Kansas city Chiefs.  

The son of law enforcement officers, Commissioner Gregory was born and raised in New York City, which allowed him to have a first-hand view of the many gaps in education and guidance of our youth.

In both his role as a member of Athletes for Education and a SDPHA Commissioner, his focus is to help children in less fortunate communities by using his past experience in both athletics and education to steer them in the right direction.

Commissioner Gregory believes it is important to serve as a positive role model for youth and to teach them about the importance of living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.