SDCMO 1876
UNKNOWN - 1881
With the resignation of A.F. Knowles in May of 1876, the Police Commission was seated and quickly appointed Albert Stowe as the new marshal over fellow commissioner James Russell.

One of the first issues facing the new marshal was getting a handle on a large number of brothels in town.  It’s not that the city wanted them gone.  They realized the houses provided a needed service, they simply wanted them to be police regulated and taxed.

As Stowe went about his work there was trouble brewing.  A group of citizens presented petitions to the trustees asking for a re-consideration of his appointment. 
Instead of acting upon it the trustees passed on the issue to the Police Commission.  Meanwhile they issued an order to Stowe to get a handle on the wild cattle problem.

Stowe had other ideas and in July of 1876 he submitted his resignation. He was murdered in 1881 in Tomstone Arizona by Joe Elliott.