BADGE 323, ID 1660
SDPD 07/17/1964 - 04/14/1976
04/12/1943 - 03/28/2024
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Terry Morse, a man of profound kindness and resilience, passed away peacefully on March 28, 2024. Born on April 12, 1943, Terry dedicated his life to his family, friends, and community service. As a loyal, loving, and caring individual, he left a profound impact on everyone fortunate enough to meet him, enshrining a legacy of love and care for others.

Terry is survived by his loving children, Bret Morse, Kelly Morse, and Krissy Caudle. He is also survived by his beloved sister, Tana Baldwin, and brother, Rick Morse. Terry was predeceased by his devoted wife, Cindy Morse, and his parents, Bill and Barbara Morse, who imbued in him an enduring sense of family values and generosity.

Known for his passion for all kinds of music, Terry relished the simple joys of life. His favorite recreational activities included hunting, attending baseball games, and spending quality time with his grandchildren and family. The mountains were his favorite sanctuary, a place where he found peace and solace.

Terry was an active and highly respected member of his community. He served as a Director at the Woodland Park Saddle Club and volunteered regularly at AA. His dedication to these organizations reflected his marvellous spirit of altruism and community service.

Throughout his life, Terry emphasized the importance of kindness. He believed in treating others the way one would want to be treated, a philosophy he passed down to his children and grandchildren, and shared with friends and acquaintances alike. His legacy of love, care, and resilience will continue to inspire those who knew him and will live on through the memories they hold dear.
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Son of Sergeant Bill Morse
Nephew of Det. Sgt R. O. Morse