Born and raised on a farm in North Dakota, Viola married Joe Brennan in 1927, and joined the Brennan clan two years later in their trek to a better life in California.

All settled in San Diego, found jobs, and, in time, that better life.  Joe and Vi had an ice cream store on El Cajon Blvd. where Joe built the peddle-carts to sell ice cream in the neighborhood.

Many a Depression Era man fed his family with what he made peddling nickel ice cream bars!  This was the start of their restaurant life for the next 25 years.

Vijoe ' s, in Mission Hills, was their longest run, and when Joe died in 1955, Vi kept on cooking and making pies.

Later, she took on the coffee shop at the Market Street Police Station, where she quickly became famous for her great food.  Police Officers came from all over town for her roast beef and homemade pies.  Viola retired in 1985, enjoyed a little free time and "garage-saleing," but was soon caring for two of her grandsons while their folks worked.

Although Vi loved her restaurant life, this was probably the happiest time of her life - just staying home, enjoying the children, and cooking on a much smaller scale.

Viola was a source of great strength and calmness in all our lives, and we will miss her greatly. Viola is survived by daughter Ruth Dufault, son Robert Brennan, grandchildren Michael, Kathy and Kris Dufault, Robin Ritter, Sandy Smith, Julie White, Joe and Jon Brennan, thirteen great-grandchildren one great-great-grandchild.
08/14/1910 - 10/25/2003
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