BADGE 1120, ID 2024
SDPD 04/13/1973 - 01/31/1979
09/15/1944 - 08/16/2018
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By Maureen Welton (sister)

Russell Watt served as a San Diego Police Officer from 1973 TO 1979.

During his time on the department Russell was a decorated officer who dedicated his life to service to his country serving in the Marine Corps in Vietnam and the citizens of San Diego.

Russell was most proud of his service to the San Diego Police Department trying to make the citizens safe and secure in their communities.

All men were his brothers and all women his sisters unless they proved undeserving the respect afforded them, at which time he would let them to themselves and to their own destiny.

Russell left the department because he couldn’t afford to provide for his family. The city fathers refused to pay a living wage. They paid dedicated officers $18,000 a year while they paid bus drivers and garbage collectors 30-35,000 per year.

Russell cared for and respected his brothers and sisters who carried on the honor and dedication to the service of protecting our communities. He felt without the dedication of these special people who are carrying on the American dream for those they serve, we would not have a country worth living in.

Being a police officer he was awed by the responsibility entrusted in him when he took his oath. He did his best to honor those responsibilities to protect and serve. This was my brother.

Russell was born in Detroit Michigan on September 15, 1944. He moved to San Diego after graduating high school to live with his step father.

He was an avid surfer, skydiver and certified scuba diver.

He graduated San Diego City College with a degree in electronics. He attended Mesa College and graduated Miramar College with a degree in Criminal Justice. He also attended San Diego State University continuing his education in CJ.

He passed away in his sleep on August 16, 2018. His ashes were dispersed in the Rocky Mountains where he enjoyed horseback riding, hunting and fishing. He passed away knowing he made a difference.
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