In 2012, Officers of the Southeastern Division dreamed up the idea of taking a marked police car and turning it into a lowrider.  The purpose was a community relations project and an outreach to communities that might be, historically, less trusting of police.  After obtaining not only authorization but complete support from the Chief of Police to proceed on the project, the end result became "The Guardian."
Commissioned in 2013, the vehicle is owned by the San Diego Police Historical Association and cared for by Deputy Directors assigned to the Southeastern Division.  The car was built through volunteers and donations.  Like all vehicles owned by the San Diego Police Historical Association no taxpayer dollars have ever been used in the restoration and operation of the car.
SDPD Command staff, including former Chief William Lansdowne and future Chief Shelley Zimmerman, with the Guardian at the 2014 Martin Luther King Parade in Downtown San Diego.
With a custom flecked paint job, spoke wheels and an air brushed mural on the trunk, the Guardian is one of the most unique San Diego police cars ever!
Captain Tony McElroy (SDPD Ret) enjoys the custom interior of the Guardian. 

Note the speckle painted shotgun over his right shoulder.

The hand stiched leather seats, have a thin blue line sewn into them The thin blue line is a symbol used by law enforcement in the United States and Canada to commemorate fallen officers.

Stiched into the seat of the passenger side of the car is a badge representative of fallen Officer Christopher Wilson.  The drivers seat has on it the representative badge of fallen Officer Jeremy N. Henwood.
Nothing but happy faces here! Children of all ages love the Guardian!
Whether it's at Comicon 2013 or a community fair, there’s no such thing as a minor ding or scratch on the Guardian! With a paint job valued at more than $20,000, stanchions have to be put up to protect the asset at all public appearances.
Leading the 2013 "Boo" Parade in East San Diego.  The parade is one of the largest in the city and the Guardian was a huge hit.
A closer look at the custom wheels on a very unique police car.