Athletes For Education
Law Office of Edward C. Arthur
Lt. Michael J. Blakely (SDPD Ret.)
The Honorable Frank Brown
Assistant Chief of Police Joel Bryden (SDPD Ret.)
Captain C. David Crow (SDPD Ret.)
Mr. Brian Church
Mr. Jeromy Clary
Mr. Peter Q. Davis
Mr. Viet Do
Ms. Veronia Engle
Mr. Ryan and Julie Flynn
Douglas Gregg in memory of Det. Christine Gregg
Mr. Thomas Groff
Mr. Jack Illes
Executive Assistant Chief of Police P. T. Jarvis
James and Carol Swiston Kelley
Sergeant Harvey Kitchel (SDPD Ret.)
Mr. Steve & Elizabeth Knight
Det. Sgt. Howard LaBore (SDPD Ret.)
Ms. Diane Lapp
Dr. Midge N. LeClaire
Det. Sergeant Mike and Liz Miller (SDPD Ret.)
Over The Hill Gang
Chief of Police David S. Nisleit
Lt. Ronald Seden (SDPD Ret.)
San Diego Police SWAT Alumni Association
San Diego Municipal Employees Association
San Diego National Bank
Mr. Chuck Swimmer (Carco Construction)
Mr. Joseph A. Wambaugh
Russell A. Watt Family
Chief of Police Shelley J. Zimmerman (SDPD Ret.)
Sergeant Edward W. Kenney Family (SDPD Ret)
County of San Diego
Mendelsohn Family – Professional Medical Supply
Scottish Rite Foundation
San Diego County Credit Union
San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union
Mayur Shetty - Curo Banc
Ramin Pourteymour
American Medical Response
ASAP Towing
John and Sally Thornton Foundation
David & Leslie Cohn DBA The Cohn Restaurant Group
Ms. Nancy Gardner
Mr. Mark Haines - 7-11,
Mr. Larry Cushman - Cushman Family Foundation
Mr. Dean & Susie Spanos
San Diego Police Officers Association
Mr. Steve Willard
Viejas Enterprises
Mr. Larry Avrech
William Lynch Foundation
Ms. Sara E. Cooley CPA
Ms. Maxine Gellens
Det. David Hendron (SDPD Ret.)
Hervey Family Foundation
Det's John & Laura Minto (SDPD Ret.)
Mr. Kasim Osgood
Mr. Shawn Pourteymour
Mr. Ted Rossin
Dr. Norman "Skip" Sperber
Mr. Darryl Tschirn Esq.
Valley View Casino
Det. Michael Ybarrando (SDPD Ret.)
Mr. Youliyan Yousif (ASAP Towing)