Professional Restoration Generously Provided By American Medical Response
The historic Old Police Headquarters serves as the perfect backdrop to showcase President Rick Carlson, Vice President Steve Willard and Director Mark Mendelsohn with SDPHA's 1932 Paddy Wagon and 1947 Prowl Car

1928 Ford Patrol Car, 1932 Ford Paddy Wagon, 1947 Ford Prowler, 1948 Ford Traffic Supervisors Car, 1953 Ford Prowler, 1960 White Police Truck,
1965 Plymouth Patrol Car, 1968 Ford Police Ambulance, 1968 Plymouth Patrol Car, 1971 International Police Tow Truck, 1971 Ford Police Ambulance,
1977 Chevy Nova Patrol Car, 1982 Ford Fairmount Patrol Car, 1985 Ford LTDII Patrol Car, 1987 Ford Crown Victoria Patrol Car, 1991 Kawasaki Police Special,
1996 Ford Crown Victoria Patrol Car, 1999 Kawasaki Police Special, 2000 Ford Crown Victoria Patrol Car,
2006 Police Low Rider, 2008 Crown Victoria "Choose your ride."
1999 Kawasaki Police Special - Minus Red Lights and Siren
1977 Chevy Nova
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Some of the most asked questions are, "Where do you keep them and do they run?" 

Size limitations at our current location only allows us to dislay a motorcycle. Our ultimate goal is to get into a 20,000 square foot facility in either Balboa Park or the Old Police Headquarters where ALL of the vehicles can be displayed and enjoyed by the general public. Until then they are stored in a large warehouse.

Every SDPHA vehicle must be in working order and fully functional before it is unveiled to the public. Twice a year we bring out the entire fleet. The first event is the annual St. Patrick's Day parade. The second; the annual
Cops and Rodders.
This 1987 Crown Vic, vehicle 1166, served the SDPD from 1986
until its 2007 retirement.
The Grandaddies of the fleet are the 1926 Buick Paddy Wagon and our 1928 Model A patrol car.  At almost 100 years old, these classics are only brought out to one or two events per year.
The San Diego Police Historical Association has the largest fleet of historic police vehicles in the United States
Click the Paddy Wagon to see its 9 year, $80.000 restoration