Reserve Officer Bob Lampert: "A fun place to work in the 60's....After the reserve academy it's where I did a lot of time '63 til the early 70's. The carbine carrying Capt. in charge Charman.  Almost permanent desk men Jack Frazier and John Elliott. Great partners: Jim Sing, Ken Moller, Frank St. John, Les Oberlies, Randy Nisleit (David's father), Harry Petersen, Hal Sutton, Lou Berbue and Bernie Swaim...... Late night runs to Bird Rock to pick up dinners for the desk guys..and the first beach team....."

Sergeant Stan Elmore: "I worked vacation relief at the old La Jolla station, 3 weeks in 1957. Worked graveyard shift on Beat 34 which was downtown La Jolla. I was the 3rd man in the car, four days in the car and on the 5th day I walked a beat in Pacific Beach. Also worked Northern Division as a Juvenile Sergeant in 1975."