Officer Paul K. Lebidine
Brigadier General, USMC
Chief David Bejarano
United States Marshal
Chief, Chula Vista Police
Asst. Chief Adolfo Gonzales
Chief, National City Police
Chief, DA, Bureau of Investigation
SD County Chief Probation Officer
LA County Chief Probation Officer
Captain James McGinley
Chief, El Centro Police
Lt. Charles Hogquist
Chief, San Diego Community College Police Department
Asst. Chief Louis J. Scanlon
Chief, Coronado Police
Lt. Manuel Rodriguez
Chief, National City Police
Deputy Chief
Kenneth J. O'Brien
Executive Director
California P.O.S.T.
Inspector Wayne B. Colburn
United States Marshal
Chauffer Frank W. Seifert
San Diego City Councilman
Col. USAF/Aviation Pioneer
USAF Hall of Fame
Chief Gerald R. Sanders
Mayor, City of San Diego
Officer Ed Struiksma
San Diego City Councilman
Asst. Chief David M. Worden
Chief, San Diego Community College Police Department
Lt. Hugh M. VanDiver
Chief, Pasco (WA) Police
Chief, Tumwater (WA) Police
Chief Robert W. Burgreen
Chief, Longview (WA) Police
Captain Gene Muehleisen
Executive Director
California Peace Officers Standards & Training
Chief William B. Kolender
Director CA Youth Authority
Sheriff, San Diego County
Chief Adam "Elmer" Jansen
Sheriff, San Diego County
Sgt. Rikki Goede
Asst. Chief, San Jose Police
Chief, Piedmont Police
Sgt. Thomas W. Broadnax
Sheriff, San Diego County
Officer Frank A. Brown
Deputy District Attorney
Superior Court Judge
Officer Jesse B. Cook
Commissioner, San Francisco Police Department
Sergeant William A. Gabrielson
Lt., Berkeley Police
Chief, Honolulu Police
Chief Keno Wilson
United States Marshal
Executive Assistant Chief
John Welter
Chief, Anaheim Police
Sgt. Joe Navarro
San Pasqual
Casino Development Group
Asst. Chief Boyd F. Long
Vice President of Security
Valley View Casino
Captain Andrew Mills
Chief, Eureka Police
Chief, Santa Cruz Police
Chief, Palm Springs Police
Captain Ronald Newman
City Councilman, Escondido
Captain Guy Swanger
Chief, Concord Police
Lt. Les Gin
Chief, Calexico Police
Asst. Chief Joel Bryden
Chief, Walnut Creek Police
Lt. David Spisak
Bureau Chief,
California Peace Officers
Standards & Training
Lt. Thomas J. Giaquinto
Board of Prison Terms
Dep. Chief Manuel Guaderrama
CA. Board of Prison Terms
Captain Phil Jarvis
Sheriff, Bonner County (ID)
Captain David A. Hall
Chief, SD Harbor Police
Captain James LaFoon
United States Marshal
Captain Thomas W. Hall
Chief, SD City School Police
Asst. Chief Michael Sgobba
Marshal, San Diego County
Chief Clifford Peterson
California Highway Patrol
Officer Glenn "Bud" Hare
Publisher, Inventor
Sgt. Edward Newberry
Chief, Pottsboro (TX) PD
Captain Clifford Resch
Chief, La Mesa Police
Lt. John Leas
Director of Security
San Diego Padres
Captain Anthony DiCerchio
Chief, National City Police
Captain Daniel Berglund
Chief Investigator,
SD County District Attorney
Officer Rick Scholl
Sheriff - Coroner, Mono County
Dep. Chief Norm Stamper
Chief, Seattle Police
Lt. Connie VanPutten
Captain, Union City Police
Lt. William Becker
Chief, Champaign (IL) Police
Officer Ronald Pace
Marshal, City of Seattle
Captain Michael Cash
Chief, Guadalupe  Police
Officer Dick Lewis
Director of Security
San Diego Chargers
Det. John W. Minto
Mayor, Santee
Lt. William Stetson
Director of Security
San Diego Chargers
Det. Sgt. William "Bert" Ritchie
Prominent Attorney
Captain John L. Madigan
Advisor to the Sheriff
Tribal Judge
Chief Raymond L. Hoobler
Director of Security,
Atlas Resorts
Asst. Chief Ken Fortier Sr.
Chief, Riverside Police
Vice President GEO Group
Officer Alex Diaz
Chief, Banning Police
Lt. Michael J. Blakely
Dep. Chief, Riverside Police
Det. Raymond Bowling
Professor, Miramar College
Commander Larry K. Gore
Chief, West Sacramento PD
Officer Don Johnson
Chief, SD Community College Police Department
Sgt. Paul Hayes Jr.
Supervising Agent, United States Marshal
Captain Kenneth Moller
President, Heritage Security Inc.
Officer John Davis Sr.
Chief, Grossmont College PD
Asst. Chief Walter Vasquez
Chief, La Mesa Police
Detective Joe Dorsey
Director of Security
Las Vegas Monorail
Asst. Chief Robert Kanaski
Special Advisor to the
San Diego County Sheriff
Officer Lamine B. Secka
Chief, SDSU Police
CSU San Marcos Police
Captain Hugh B. French
Chief, UCSD Police
Sgt. Harold Reama
Chief, Imperial Beach Police
Sgt. Donald Braun
Chief, SD School Police
Inspector William Garlington
Chief, Vallejo Police
Captain Lori Luhnow
Chief, Santa Barbara Police
Captain Miguel Rosario
Chief, SD County DA Inv.
Asst. Chief Terry McManus
Chief, Capitola Police
Officer Carl Nielsen
Chief, Centralia (WA) PD
Officer Everett V. Danforth
Chief Fairbanks Alaska
Police Department
Det. Sgt. William Woods IV
Chief, San Mateo Community College Police
Asst. Chief Charles Q. Kaye
Chief, Coronado Police
Captain Brian Ahearn
Chief, Arcata (CA) Police
Superior training gives an edge to former members of San Diego city law
enforcement seeking 2nd careers. Here are just a few who went onto other things.
Captain Jorge Duran
Chief, DA, Bureau of Investigation
Detective Ken Brown
Coroner, Wabash (IN) County
Lt. Carole Beason
Chief, Shelton (WA) Police
Executive Assistant Chief
Todd Jarvis
Chief, Eureka Police Dept.
Capt. Anastacia Smith
Chief, santa Ana School District Police